first zone, many things will make me It feels very novel.


I walked through a green corridor and came to the door of Manor No. 49. I saw a black iron stone monument standing at the gate. The history of the Babington family is carved on the front of the stone monument. The top of the monument has carvings. With the emblem of the Babington family, it is a circle formed by overlapping pieces of metal plates. On the circle is embossed a city of San Carlos. Unexpectedly, the Babington family turned out to be the largest industrial province that controls the Green Empire. Carlos Province.
I recalled at this time, why when Alia was in San Carlos, she was so familiar with the local customs, or every street, she could even tell about the stone at the cross street From a poignant history, it turned out that she was married to a wealthy family. The Babington family was the great nobleman who ruled the city of San Carlos.
It’s just that she didn’t mention her 南京桑拿会所网 identity at the time. When she settled down in San Carlos, she actually stayed with us in a small hotel.
I suddenly remembered that time, I politely asked her if she had a place to stay, she said in a panic: No. Then her ears were red, and now she wanted to understand that it was not that she had any unspeakable concealment, but that she had weaved a little lie in order to hide her identity.
Standing at the gate of the manor, passing the letter from Mrs. Alia to me, the elderly janitor glanced at the badge on the envelope and silently opened the big iron door. The dirty eyeballs are a bit like the eyes of a dead fish, and their eyes fall on my chest. There is no emotion in front of me. I can feel the indifferent attitude of life and death in him. I think he must be a veteran who walked off the battlefield.
The big iron gate was opened by 南京桑拿按摩网 the guards, and I wandered in. The two sides of the main road of the manor were planted with pale pink roses, and clusters of flowers bloomed on the tree wall, and the fragrance was overflowing. The main road pav