restricted. There were hundreds of shield warriors around him,


a spider warrior mixed with dozens of piercing arrows. He angrily broke all the arrows in front of his chest, but the moment he released the spear in his hand, The face shield was photographed on his body at the same time, making him feel a strong dizziness, and a sharp pain in his 南京龙凤网 abdomen. He woke up from the dizziness and found that there were at least ten Green fighters with halberds in their hands. The halberd pierced into his abdomen.
him, he roared and swept out with his black iron spear. Suddenly all the halberd warriors around him were smashed by his black iron spear, and their bones were broken, and a piece of strength began. Slowly being stripped from his body, his body began to keep getting cold and twitching, and finally, like a dead spider, his body shrank into a ball and died in the chaos.
Seeing the soldiers in the Trom stronghold fighting in spite of life and death, I seemed to feel the will to fight again. Once on the head of Ayr city, I felt this kind of taste very deeply. In Ercheng, we are facing thousands of barbarian warriors of the Storm Bear tribe, and now we are facing the spider 南京桑拿夜网 warriors who have come to the dark prison. The enemies are slightly different, but the belief in victory in battle is no different. .
At least the battle situation in the north of the Trum stronghold was finally stabilized, and less than a hundred spider warriors rushed down from the cliff. After the initial panic, the guards of the city head and the shield fighters of the heavy armored infantry regiment finally used their bodies. Blocked the continuous impact of the Spiderman Warrior.
Behind the lieutenant in full armor, a shadow of a shield wall made up of tower shields appeared. This is probably his situation. If it weren’t for I knew Breguet, the head of the Starry Adventure Group, died in the underground black boxing match in El City I am afraid I will definitely think that he is Breguet, the shield warrior. The fighting 江苏桑拿论坛 wi