tted and melted at a speed visible to the naked eye, and instantly turned into a silky substance like catkins, which was blown by the wind and drifted into the night.


The other evil wizards threw a string of shadow arrows at us. Those evil wizard followers holding the iris shield, let out heart-piercing roars from their chests, and raised their swords and sharp axes to us. Charge here.
Kalancuo brought a group of orc warriors behind him head-on and bumped into the evil wizard followers, and several groans were heard in succession. The evil wizard before Kalantuo was cut by her with a slash. The shield was slashed in half, and Kalan Cuo stepped sideways, his body rotated like a top, raising his foot to kick another evil wizard on the side.
Kalantuo has the advantage of absolute strength. This foot penetrates directly into the chest cavity of the retinue, and there is a sound of bone cracking that 南京夜生活spa论坛 sounds sore to the teeth.
Even though the other orc warriors do not have the outstanding power advantage of Kalantuo, they are also a group of combat experts who have experienced many battles.
The fighting style of this group of orc warriors itself is quite tough. When charging, they do not make any defensive stance. They are purely wounded for injury, but this group of orc warriors have broken away from the most primitive combat mode, primitive orcs. With only the simplest weapons and inferior leather armor, when fighting, he completely relies on his strong physique and strong recovery ability.
However, the group of orcs who followed Karantuo are equipped with sophisticated equipment. They wear hard leather armor of a swamp giant, and their weapons are magic weapons mixed with magic black iron and magic red bronze. These weapons not only 南京龙凤论坛 possess magical power, they are also extremely sharp.
With sophisticated weapons and equipment, the orcs are even more fearless on the battlefield.
Rather 南京夜生活论坛 than standing on the courtyard wall and firing multiple crossbows, orc warriors are more willing to wield