meone in the crowd of onlookers exclaimed in a low voice.


“I don’t know!” a calm voice said categorically.
Sure enough, as I expected, Duke Ryan’s body became stiff at this time, and the force that suppressed my inability to move suddenly disappeared. I regained my freedom, bounced from the ground suddenly, and shouted: “All to me! ”
Maybe many people thought that I wanted to escape in the first place, but I didn’t. Instead, I recklessly flashed behind Duke Ryan and stretched out my arms around his neck from behind, which was the same as when I first arrived in the imperial capital. , It was the same when I met 南京桑拿会所 Quentin, except that I was holding a sharp dagger against Quentin’s neck, and now, I’m sure no matter how sharp the dagger is, it won’t have any effect on Duke Ryan, so It turned the dagger into a fire-phosphorus bomb, and the magical halo flashed on that fire-phosphorus bomb as big as a coconut. I never felt that the magic pattern on the fire-phosphorus bomb was so exquisite, but from the fire-phosphorus The fire element destruction aura passed from the bullet spread to the surroundings.
Duke Ryan was paralyzed by the arc for only half a second, and he was released from the paralyzed state, but at this time I had already pressed the phosphorous bomb on his face.
319. In exchange for the victory of the Battle of Campato
Looking at the fire-phosphorus bomb shining with magical halo, Duke Ryan’s frightened and angry face was stiff like a wood carving made of an old tree bark, and his pale face was like a dirt wall painted on. He didn’t dare to make any movements with the grey stone powder. The phosphorous bomb in my hand was only three centimeters away from his eyes. The dark brown pupils were constantly expanding, 南京桑拿按摩网 and I could feel the fear in his heart.
Many of the young aristocrats at the ball were warriors and wizards of the first rank. The huge fire element magical atmosphere emerging from the magic talisman fire phosphorous bomb at this moment made these people a premonitio