or, who was about to hear Dr. Diandian’s voice again, was suddenly startled. Years of combat experience and instinct had commanded his body to turn around and punched him before his thoughts could react. .


This blow was also a hit. Mr. Bad’s arm passed through Dr. Diandian’s body, and a big hole was blasted into the latter’s torso.
Of course, after a second, the person with a shocked expression was Mr. Bad.
“You are.” The moment Mr. Bad Jin saw Dr. Diandian again, he knew that it was impossible for him to kill him.
At this time, Dr. Epilepsy’s whole body was in a semi-solidified state, and the color of the surface of the body was lavender, 南京龙凤论坛 and extremely high heat was radiating out.
Mr. Bad Jin is very familiar with his form, because this is one of the 南京桑拿按摩网 fighting forms of the Drug Man.
“It seems that you already understand.” After seeing Mr. Bad Jin’s expression, Dr. Dian Dian said calmly, “So you can go with peace of mind.” The
above sentence took six seconds for Dr. Dian Dian to finish.
And these six seconds were enough to make Mr. Po Jin’s poisonous law dead at the
same moment, on the spaceship.
“What’s going on?” The Captain Shit who saw this scene through the spaceship’s monitor said anxiously, “Why does he heal himself like a drug man? And”
“And Mr. Bad seems to have already” Dr. Eternal used solemnly His expression took a half sentence.
Although it is still uncertain through the screen of the monitor, Dr. Eternal, relying on his ability to perceive life, has already learned the news of the death of both the Thousand Eyes Man and Mr. Bad Jin.
“Pokerman! Didn’t you say that 南京桑拿会所网 Dr. Dracula is just a scientist of the blasting star? How could he have that kind of ability?” Captain Shit was already anxious at the moment, he suddenly turned his head and asked in a questioning tone. Brother shouted.
“It’s useless if you shout at me about it. I am also very surprised” Feng Bujue said, “Before I performed this mission, I knew nothing about Dr. Epilepsy. Even now, I have no i