e a shopkeeper.


“Have we met?” Wang Qiong looked at him suspiciously.
The man claiming to be Zhang San didn’t answer this question, but glanced at Cheng Wei who was standing aside, and then threw a questioning look at Wang Qiong.
“Oh” Wang Qiong 南京龙凤论坛 understood what he meant. “It doesn’t matter, let him listen. Let’s just talk.”
Wang Qiong doesn’t like to be ambiguous. He will use the simplest and most straightforward way to tell many things.
“Okay” Zhang San hesitated for a few seconds and replied, “Then I will remind Boss Wang that when we met last time, my identity was still’Zhu Cheng’.”
“What?” Wang Qiong stepped back two steps, and then again. He glanced at him, “You said you were Zhu Cheng?” His expression was already expressing his disbelief, “Zhu Cheng, the second best Yuling?”
“Yes.” Zhang San gave an affirmative answer.
“Humph.” At this time, Cheng Wei sneered on the side, “Absurd, if you want to pretend to be someone else, you should first inquire about their body shape? Zhu Cheng’s body is worth two of you.”
“That’s it. Isn’t Zhu Cheng’s voice like this?”南京桑拿会所
This sentence was said by the “Zhang San”, but his voice when he said this was completely different from his voice just now, but it was the same as that of Zhu Cheng at the beginning. The sound is exactly the same.
When “you” saw this, Cheng Wei was also at a loss for words.
Wang Qiong’s reaction was faster than him: “So you used 江苏桑拿论坛to be Zhu Cheng, but now you are Zhang San?”
Zhang Sanying said: “I was never Zhu Cheng’s true Zhu Cheng. Before you met, I had replaced them.”
Wang Qiong said: “Oh, you have always been Zhang San, just pretending to be Zhu Cheng for a while?”
Zhang Sandao: “I am not Zhang San either.”
Wang Qiong said “Then who are you?”
Zhang San smiled: “It doesn’t matter who I am. I can be Zhu Cheng or Zhang San. If necessary, I can also be Wang Qiong. I can even be the king of my life. Poor.”
This sentence is very dangerous.
As dangerous as the person who said this.
“Huh?” Before the word