a gentle male voice with a cold and numb tone.


“Method of elimination.” Feng Bujue replied without hesitation, “List the people who are capable of timeline operations and who are capable of interfering with their destiny one by one, and then wonder who is more likely. The conclusion is that they are lower-level than you. The horns can’t do this level, and the horns higher than yours won’t create such a nondescript situation, so I think about it, and only you.” After
that, Feng Bujue Xunsheng turned his face. He looked at the man who suddenly appeared not far away from him.
It was a full-body humanoid creature, and its whole person was glowing like a glow stick.
He is 南京桑拿会所网 very tall, at least a head higher than Feng Bujue. Regardless of his abnormal skin, he is roughly the image of a middle-aged man without clothes and no hair.
In the setting of the universe, there are many existences that can be called “gods”, and he is one of them, and a very powerful person called him “Dr. Manhattan.”
“I guess you are going to talk to me about a deal now.” Two seconds later, Dr. Manhattan said.
“Do you still need to guess if you can predict the future?” Feng Bujue continued.
“Need.” Dr. Manhattan replied, “Because you are not within my observable range.”
“So what about Bruce Wayne?” Feng Bujue asked, “Or the guy who probably belonged to Bruce Wayne. In the future, can you see clearly?”
“You already know the answer, why ask knowingly.” Dr. Manhattan continued.
“Heh” Brother Jue smiled, raised his leg to one side, and turned off the pink elephant, which is the animal rocking chair he was sitting on. “Yeah, if you can see clearly, our conversation at this moment is also It won’t exist anymore.”
“You seem to be a little dissatisfied, why?” Dr. Manhattan is telepathic. Even if Feng Bujue is smiling 南京夜生活spa论坛 on the surface, he can see his true emotions.
“Because the hint you gave me is too obvious, it makes me feel a bit boring.” Feng Bujue continued, “You can keep your own ideas, and I am very happy to help