d he shouted angrily, vowing to kill his opponent.


At that moment, a strong ghost aura suddenly formed, attached to the fixed-length blade, eliciting a combo of six demon auras.
Qisha also understood that the moves in front of him were not trivial. He immediately adjusted his posture again, spreading his arms, condensing his energy, and trying to resist the power of six breaks.
Of course, the meditation and meditation are one, and the killing intent is vast; in the spirit of the ghost, the blades are suddenly shining, shooting like a waterfall, not as fast as the blink of an eye. Even a super master like the seven kills can’t face such a move for the first time. Retreat.
“Oh, it looks like the outcome will be announced soon.” At the same moment, in the spectator space, the corner of Yi Dacheng’s mouth showed a sneer.
“Oh?” Wise Faith, who could not see this, asked skeptically, “Do you think the seven
kills are already inferior?” “Of course he is not inferior, on the contrary, he has at least three or four attack methods that can 南京龙凤网 kill Uesugi in a second. Get it out.” Date replied, “but he has no chance to use it.”
“Why?” Sasaki Ming also interrupted and asked.
“Two reasons.” Makoto Date replied, “One, because his’defense’ is super poor.”
He paused for a second and explained: “Even though his’offensive’ and’counter-attack’ skills are both adequate. He claims to be perfect, no flaws can be seen, but once he falls into the rhythm of passive defense, his naive defensive moves are exposed.
“Of course, people at his level will not let their weaknesses be ignored. The seven kills also have a strategy to make up for their own “simple defensive style”, which is to shorten the process of “defense” to the limit.
“To put it simply, when’have to guard’, use his almost awkward way to quickly deal with it, and then launch a counterattack in a’period of time when 南京桑拿会所 ordinary people are still defending’.”
“What is meant by’ordinary people still During the defensive period’?” Zhixin asked again.