re and beautiful appearance and prettier than most women discussing girls like this, Downey was full of disharmony. , Hurriedly interrupted Carl’s words: “Are you familiar with the terrain here?” At


this time, Sami was drowsy, and only oneself could “stop Carl.”
“I’ve seen the map, I’m a genius in this area!” 南京桑拿按摩网 Kalyang raised his hand, as if you didn’t believe me, I just talked about how you believed it.
Downey nodded hurriedly: “Then we will trouble you to lead the way in “Electromagnetics” next Monday morning.”
“No problem.” Carl tried hard to make a bold appearance, but under his gentle and quiet “beauty”, he could only Looks very cute, “I like this kind of course very much, because there will definitely be magic experiments.”
Experiments? Carl?
Downey looked at Carl’s face in amazement. The word “pleasure” was clearly written on it. Suddenly, he was shocked and frightened. Can he change his mentor? Can I ask for leave for the experimental class?
Under the leadership of Carl, who seemed to never dry his tongue, Downey and Sammy remembered the Arcane Library, Magic Exchange Room, Academic Affairs Tower, Thesis Submission Office, 南京桑拿会所网 Necro Seal Tower, Burial House, and various restaurants, The cafeteria and other places, like the “Voice of Mystery” story and the introduction of 南京桑拿楼凤网 the TV station’s corresponding program, the magic academy has different cuisines from different countries, which gave Downey and Sami a good meal.
Heidler’s School of Magic is very large. After walking around like this, it was almost early in the morning when Downey and others returned to the dormitory. Sammy was already leaning on Downey and seemed to fall asleep at any time. Downey also felt exhausted physically and mentally. Thinking of taking a good rest, it was Carl who was still in good spirits, as if there was boundless energy underneath his fragile appearance.
“I’m so tired today, ready to rest.” After Karl entered the bedroom, he stretched quite gracefully.
Downey looked at Sammy, who had fallen asleep