hare all the knowledge of the universe with you, and you don’t think about getting the’anti-crisis’ power in me!”


“What you know is enough, besides, how do you know if you don’t try? Because I am Batman! Hahahahaha!”
The bat of laughter twisted into a ball on the chair, as if to tell a joke, then he acted again. It’s a bit lonely:
“In fact, your universe is also deformed. No matter what problems Batman encounters, he can win without any logic as long as he says this. Then why can’t it be me who won this time?”
“You can and Bruce Whoever dies first in the game, I support you to die earlier.”
Barry ran wildly beside Wally.南京夜生活论坛 Although his physical strength was severe and his superpower was getting thinner, he had acted with the death knell so many times, so he naturally learned to say cold. joke.
Laughing Bat’s mouth pursed, he didn’t think the joke was funny.
“It seems that you still don’t give up. That’s it. Barry, you are creating super power every time you run, but your physical strength will not allow you to run unlimitedly. If super power is a pond, then I can put it in. A hundred hippos!”
As the laughter fell, he sent hundreds of crazy speed zombies over and participated in the race together.
Why didn’t you see the emergence of the lunatic speeder on the main battlefield of Earth 0? Because the Laughing Bats had planned to use them to consume the reserves of super power.
He was right. Originally, the speed force was in a balanced state. 南京桑拿楼凤网When Barry started to run, the speed force was born. Whenever the speed person died, their speed force would flow back to this plane again.
And the more people consume, it means Barry needs more running.
The total amount 南京桑拿会所网 of water in the pool is counted. Although it is not a small pool, there is not much water. If you put too much water into it at once, the water will soon be exhausted.
At that time, Barry will become a human being.
Those extremely fast zombies also started to run, consuming superb power, screaming to capture the two peo