flames on the electric eel king spread to its whole body.


Although the electric eel king is a powerful third-level monster, because it lives in the deep sea all year round, the monsters in the sea basically have no fire resistance properties. Under the burning of the 江苏桑拿论坛 fire, two-thirds of their skin is completely burned. , The flame quickly carbonized the electric eel king’s skin, causing the electric eel king to die in the fire.
Reached out and touched the electric eel king’s burnt-like body, a carbonized muscle fell from the electric eel king’s body, revealing bloody flesh inside, looking for the well-preserved animal skins of the electric eel king, and found The skin of the electric eel king that was not burned by the flames is even less than one-third of the complete skin.
But even so, this piece of electric eel king leather is still a valuable gain for me. After all, this is a piece of leather of a third-level sea beast, and it is still a rare leather of electric sea beasts.
The skin of the electric eel king is covered with fine patterns. This kind of electric magic charm hidden in the 南京龙凤论坛 dark lines of the skin makes the skin of the electric eel king full of electric magic elements. Although the electric eel king has been dead for a long time, it is There was still a stream of light flashing on his body from time to time.
I said to Kalantuo, I must peel off the fast magic leather from the electric eel king as soon as possible.
Kalancuo did not explain, and directly touched the intact skin of King Electric Eel. Suddenly, an electric snake sprang out of King Electric Eel and flicked Kalancuo’s fingers away. At this time, King Electric Eel’s skin began to cease. The flashes of plasma lines, in the gloomy bottom warehouse, the power of thunder and lightning flashing in the skin texture, seemed very terrifying.
I stretched out a finger and tentatively pointed it on the skin of the electric eel king. In the dark lines 南京桑拿会所 under the skin surface, there were continuous arcs forming from the electric