plan has been perfectly achieved.


That punch was not casually hit, it was a rigorous calculation, where it was hit, how much energy it used, and what effect it achieved, it had been calculated several times in his mind.
Now everyone just needs to keep moving forward and make a bloody path.
Although this distance may be a bit longer.
It is known that Tartaros is located in the center of the earth, and the two outlets are located in 南京夜生活spa论坛 the Aegean Sea and West Africa. In fact, this submarine channel should be a V-shaped.
The bottom of the V character is the prison, the two upper ends are respectively two exits, and the section in the middle gap is the entire African continent.
Fortunately, the sloping passage is very spacious, and it is 南京龙凤网 actually very convenient if it can fly. It just takes a little time to clear the beasts in the way.
Donna can fly and is familiar with all kinds of beasts. She fought very fast and kept hacking and killing, and she had already rushed out a long distance.
And Arthur can’t fly, so he can only stand on the flying carpet to protect the animals and the mage, his pentadent waved impermeably, very hard.
However, at this time, the advantages of the sorcerer can be reflected. The monsters have thick scale armor or fur, many of which can even withstand Donna’s Titan sword, but under magical attacks, they have almost no room for resistance.
The raven in the purple hooded cloak whispered various spells. Since the last time the alien Seagod’s ship got off, she began to learn how to not call out the moves when casting spells, although she has 南京桑拿会所网 not completely changed it. The habit of reminding teammates to avoid ballistics, but whispering a few words, the beast on the other side can’t understand it, right?
The little snow-white hand that kept switching various handprints pointed at a creature that was only entangled by the soldiers, and then the creature would die very strangely, either with boiling blood spewing from their seven orifices like red smoke, or Huge tenta