stics department standing aside: “Take a closer look at these dark crystals. I need to know how many spider warriors Giga Magi has captured in Trum. “


It is not an easy task to be promoted to earl. I still remember clearly that I took you with you in the desert west of Mount Tramay in the western border to wipe out the sand pirates in the desert. It took three years to bring back a total of 20南京龙凤网 ,000 Sand Pirate Left Ears before I was promoted to earl. Looking back now, those things are as if they happened yesterday.” The
Duke Samoyed thought of the past, and the people behind him The eyes of the second-turn knights all shone with remembrance.
“Of course, those desert sand thief and spiderman warriors are almost incomparable. At that time, our fifteen construct knights and five hundred light cavalry were rampaging in the desert.”
“And now, those spiderman warriors are in the black forest. It is these spider warriors hiding in the forest that have kept our offensive. If it weren’t for the construction knights to fight the spider warriors, I took these few construction knights with me. The spider dens in the southern part of the jungle are all burned out.” The Duke Samoyed slammed his fist on the table and said unwillingly.
“Master Duke, there are a total of three hundred black magic crystals that only have marks!” The clerk said respectfully after counting the number of black magic crystals in his 南京夜生活spa论坛pocket.
“There are only three hundred? If you want to be promoted to the earl, if you only have these dark crystals, it is far from enough!” The wrinkles on the forehead of the Duke Samoyed stretched slightly, and he said to me kindly: “Not to mention from the viscount How much merit is needed to be promoted to earl? Three hundred dark crystals are just enough to make you promote from third-class baron to third-class viscount. If you want to be promoted from viscount to earl, you need a huge amount of merit. . ” ”
but, even so, “the old magician Eugene eyes fell on top of those the Dark crystal,