s stepped on the marble floor, making a crisp sound. I watched William walk straight towards me, and then stopped on the aisle of the bench where I was sitting, with a proud smile on his face. Although the smile on his face did not appear to be flawed, his expression was very cold.


His eyes turned to me, and the white-legged senior lady sitting in front of my body suddenly turned red. I stood behind her and found her ears turned red, presumably thinking William was watching her.
“You have forgotten our duel appointment, Giga?” William stared at me coldly and said jokingly.
I sat on the bench, touched my nose in distress, pointed to the bright sun outside, and said to William: “Hey, William, it’s not raining outside. Our duel isn’t about to be settled. Will it happen 南京夜生活spa论坛 during the first rain after the sun festival?”
“I’m just worried that you accidentally forgot it. As soon as the summer festival is over, it disappeared without a trace, so I can’t find you!” William mocked Said to me in his tone.
The academy does not advocate or prohibit duels between magic students, but there are requirements to be conducted in the martial arts field in the ecological garden, and a teacher must be present to judge and supervise. Private duels like me and William are forbidden in the college. If they are conducted in private, they will also be punished by the college.
Unexpectedly, William would bring up this matter to me in front of the director of teaching Freeman.
I looked at him in surprise. He indifferently shook the graduation certificate in his hand, which means that from now on, he has officially left 南京桑拿夜网 the magic academy, so his duel with me will not be restricted 南京桑拿会所网 by the academy system. Many students brought it up in front of them, but also worried that I would regret it.
It seems that he really can’t wait to beat me!
As soon as William walked off the booth, he showed it in front of the magic teachers in the academy, which made the faces of many scholars in the academy sinking, especially the teachi