action of sunlight.


I then said to Ramos: “Although we killed the female worm, the mountain seems to have been hollowed out by those worms. I want to clean up the remaining sandstone knotworms and eggs in the wormhole. It will be a very energy-consuming thing. I am an ordinary magician of the Green Empire, and I am unable to continue to help you.” 南京桑拿会所
Ramos’ huge head protruded from the surface of the sea, it was panting heavily, and it seemed a little emotional. Unstable.
“Ramos, don’t worry, please listen to me to finish.” I said to Ramos.
I pointed my head with my finger and said: “I have a better attention, you might as well listen to it.”南京桑拿楼凤网
Seeing Ramos floating on the surface again, with some confusion in his eyes, I quickly said:” The pirate king was able to establish such a contractual relationship with you because he wanted to rely on your strength to establish his own business on the plane of Vashj. Obviously, with your help, he successfully became The king of pirates.”
I rubbed my hands and said, “It’s a pity that our lives are so short! As for you, it will be like a river that continues to meander. Compared with the mountain dragon tortoise, the life span of our human beings is like a water flower in a long river of life, which blooms with a swish, and then falls into the river and disappears! . ”
Then spread the memory fragments in the sea of ??spirit, allowing Ramos to clearly see some legends about the pirate king: “Although Mr. Jack has made some preparations, 南京龙凤论坛 he has some minor problems in choosing an heir. This has directly led to the fact that in recent decades, no one has been able to help you clean the sandstone arthroplasts on the turtle backs. This has led to the flood of sandstone arthropods and even more powerful female insects. ”
In order to avoid such things from happening in the future, I suggest you find a more reliable person to act as your guardian. “I said.
A suspicion flashed in my huge eyes.
I continued: “To be honest, any guardian will have a little bit