ty, they kept squirming together and healed quickly.


I looked at Kalancuo in surprise 南京桑拿夜网 and rubbed my eyes to make sure I was not mistaken. Then I said in surprise: “Are you awakening the bloodline talent of the blood wolf tribe orcs again? Kalancuo!”
Kalancuo pointed at me slightly. Nodding, a slight complacency appeared on his face.
The bloodline talent of wolf tribe orcs named healing is their greatest support when they survive and cross the battlefield.
Kalancuo was able to become an orc female warrior in the tribe because she awakened the bloodline talent, but the healing effect was far less powerful than it is now. Now the bloodline talent has a second awakening, powerful healing power, so that Kalan Measures are more fearless on the battlefield.
After two days of careful repairs, the slaver has almost restored its original appearance. Many sailors are good at carpentry. Those smashed decks have been 南京龙凤网 replaced by new ones by sailors, but the new wooden boards are not that dark. The color, a few natural wood planks sandwiched between the smoky black planks are particularly conspicuous.
The outer wall of the hull was scrubbed very clean by the sailors, who scrubbed it thoroughly.
The patched sails on the ship were also replaced with new sails. The white canvas was like a white cloud dotted in the blue sky.
Finally, when Dylan-senpai woke up and came out of the room, Noah and I were grilling a two-meter-long juvenile blue devil shrimp on the roof.
“Giga, has the magic scroll been tested yet?” Senior Dylan walked up to the top of the building, and as expected the first sentence was to ask about it.
“Not yet, of course such a big thing will wait for you.” I said, and asked Kalantuo to use a bone chopping knife to help me smash 南京桑拿会所网 the hard shell of the Blue Devil shrimp, revealing the tender and steaming shrimp inside. Meat, Catalina was standing on the other side of the grill, brushing the sauce on the shrimp meat through the opening, and sprinkling some herbs, and the fragrance suddenl