be this scroll is damaged. I want to check it in the college library tomorrow. Have you seen these strange magic patterns?” I asked Noah.


He shook his head like a rattle, 南京桑拿楼凤网 saying that he had never seen these patterns.
I sighed softly, and began to wonder: This mysterious scroll was actually used to destroy the magic crystal.
274. Letter from Moraya
When the first ray of sunlight shines on the bell tower of the Magic Academy, a melodious bell will ring above the Academy.
When the dazzling light wheel rises from Mount Mazaro, the shadows covering the city recede like a tide. The distant Weiyang Lake exudes jewel-like charm in the morning light. The iconic building mage in the seven areas of the imperial capital A faint white halo spread from the tower, protecting the imperial capital in a shield.
The imperial city above the sky is like a dandelion swaying in the wind. Hearing from Noah, the floating area of ??this floating imperial city never crosses Weiyang Lake.
It can be seen that there are many college students sitting on the grass meditating on the grass like a green carpet in front of the teaching building.
Not only magic students like to meditate in the early morning, many 南京龙凤网 magicians also like to meditate in the early morning, because the mental power recovers the fastest in the early morning, and practicing meditation during this time can reduce the energy to the greatest extent. Loss of force. The spiritual power of a magician is closely related to meditation, and it will continue to consume the spiritual power of the magician during meditation.
Meditation is a basic spell that quickly restores mana.
Old Kuru said that my natural mental power is 2.5 times that of ordinary people, and that I can have such a strong mental power because I have a natural gift for magic perception. With strong spiritual power, I have more time to meditate, which means that I have much more training time than other magicians.
Perhaps it was the recent frequent battles in the Black Forest on the pl