at, many things happened.


Tired Dream was originally a rather strong person, but his talent was only slightly higher than that of ordinary people, and his personality was a bit eager for quick success and quick gain, so he strayed into the “corpse knife” early in his career. Astray.
After the s1 game, he withdrew from the corpse knife due to the influence of Uncle Waste.
However, the “upper limit” of the tired dreams that have 南京桑拿按摩网 been reformed and re-emerged is still in the “first-class” field, and has not reached the “top”.
Until he met Yanguiren from the world of Pili Lord in a certain script.
At that time, he used a few tricks that he hadn’t used proficiently with the opponent, and the result was a complete defeat. Although he was defeated, 南京桑拿夜网 he was recognized and instructed by Yan Guiren.
Taking this as an opportunity, Tiong Meng finally began to transform.
He let go of his excessive obsession with the “pursuit of strength” and understood that it was precisely the barrier that restricted him; in the next few months, he stepped into a new realm, and his strength increased day by day.
Today’s Tired Dream has abandoned other weapons, leaving only a halberd; his fighting style is also very different from the past.
No thought, no attachment, no trace or style.
Recruit random students, and people are one.
Compared with the “pursuing the ultimate in moves”, the state of “no move” is even higher.
In the “miscalculation” viewing space, Sasaki Ming, who witnessed the changes in the battle situation, said in an almost helpless tone, “It seems that this game is 南京桑拿会所网 over.”
“Yes.” The wise letter beside him also placed a sign. The deputy’s expression of “everything is over”, he continued in a deep voice, “I didn’t expect that there would be more than one’monster’ in the Wastewood Alliance. It seems that even when compared with’Order’, their apparent strength is not inferior.”
“No.” But Shangshanren, who looked serious, had different opinions at this time, “Look at the eyes of Date Jun, he has