e, which caused them both to not get nervous at all.


“Seeing this posture, should we use plan c?” A few seconds later, Hua Jian said again.
“Hu” Ruoyu sighed, looking as if she couldn’t motivate, “It’s all discussed, just use it.”
A minute later, somewhere on the battlefield.
“Weird why haven’t you come?” Choosi, who had made preliminary preparations and was ready, looked at the open plain outside the bunker, and couldn’t help thinking, “Even if it is necessary to match the movement speed of Huama, this time is enough for them to chase after. It’s only right when it’s close.”
“Well, it’s empty if you look at it with thermal imaging .” The matcha crisp was speaking by the side. At this moment, he was wearing a very exaggerated beetle helmet, 南京龙凤网 looking forward through the lens of the helmet’s own eyes. , “Could it be that they took some kind of route
that we’can’t see’?” “You mean” Ching Si had already cast his gaze to the ground in front of him as he answered the conversation.
“‘Going underground’ is only one of the hypotheses” Matcha Sui thought thoughtfully, “Don’t forget that there is also a player in their club who is very specialized in equipment, in case he creates some kind of tradable space technology creation. , It is very likely that the rain and the flower room will come directly through the phase space or other transfer devices
.” “Understood.” Ching Si nodded in response, and immediately turned his head back, arranging a summoning object for surveillance in the back.
Their nervousness and caution are excusable. After all, one of their opponents is Ruo Yu of 南京桑拿夜网 the “monster level”. Once she gets close, what kind of death can be done.
Therefore, the tactical thinking they implemented was “fixed-point defense after a distance.”
This kind of tactic is undoubtedly very effective (rely) against the doubles lineup of “close combat with auxiliary”; most of the long-range attack methods of close auxiliary combinations are relatively poor, or even completely absent. Once this ty