Little Crystal appear on the stage. It is considered the most expensive opera actor in history.”


Chapter 58 Hero’s Tombstone
Kswick, “Rose Square “.
When the little crystal suddenly descended and exuded the aura of top creatures, the crowd immediately broke 江苏桑拿论坛 out in exclamation and screams. They retreated to the surroundings as if swept by the tide, and the sense of panic and fear almost condensed into substance.
“Dragon, dragon!”
“It’s over, it’s over”
“Okay, it’s terrible!” In
a 南京夜生活spa论坛 short moment, a large area was vacated around the “Vtain”, even though they knew it was the Lentat Kingdom Grand Theater. What happens inside, but the subconscious fear comes from instinctive reaction, it can’t be controlled at all, and there is no “special effect” better than “real dragon” on the field!
In cities of different sizes, such as Cux, Saliva, Pefos, and Samara, similar situations also appeared. Some were afraid to retreat, some were completely sluggish, and some felt that they were dreaming at all.
Although since the heyday of the ancient magic empire, it has been difficult for humans living in non-remote areas to see the dragon, but as the eternal villain boss in the story of generations of bards, people’s impression of the dragon has not passed by over time. With the weakening of birth, old age, sickness and death, 南京桑拿楼凤网 and after the launch of “The Voice of Mystery”, the “Man and Nature” program introduced this legendary creature that everyone is most interested in in several episodes. Banus, Ali and others roughly identified this as a giant dragon. It’s not difficult.
Holding his breath subconsciously, his legs couldn’t help but tremble. Even though they were far away, Banus and Ali were still full of fear for the dragon in the “veil”. If they were not frightened, they would have already Turned around and fled.
Suddenly, Ali woke up: “She is in the Kingdom Theater, near the dragon!”
What should I do? How to do? Just when his panic and worry were about to drive himself crazy, th