The most serious problem was the loss of his right hand, and it might not be that miserable, and there will still be a little left that can be controlled. There is no hidden danger.


Outside the old castle, the tall and tall figure chuckled, “Fortunately, this guy is pretty good at restraining his 南京龙凤论坛 desires, otherwise it will not only be infected by the breath of death, but may also provoke the’greedy’ devil. “The
ancient devil, as long as there is intelligent life, can never be completely wiped out, and it will reunite in at least ten to twenty years, but it will not be that strong for a long time.

Darkness envelops the forest. Downey travels alone in this quiet and dark place. The roar of beasts from time to time is even more frightening, but for Downey, it is much safer than the old castle. These beasts and ghosts add It doesn’t look like the “paralyzing breath” of the evil spirit.
He left a note to Baron Herdos, stating that he had solved the evil spirit problem, and then returned to the town without any delay.
Under the blessing of the spell, two hours later, Downey saw the town he was familiar with. Except for the 南京桑拿楼凤网 bright street lights near the platform of the magic steam train, the rest of the place was dark and silent.
Downey chose the platform and walked to the “duty room”, knocking on the closed door.
“Who is it?” the staff on duty at the platform asked scaredly, wouldn’t it be a robber?
Many magic steam trains that transport goods pass by at night. In addition to long-distance trains, the platform must be dispatched at any time. However, in such a small town, it is difficult for the staff on duty to have the strength of magic apprentices and face various dangers. They can only rely on the “burst gun”, and now the robbers have learned shrewdly, know how to avoid them, and no longer wait for death stupidly like before.
If they still have the strength of a knight attendant or magic apprentice, it will be even more dangerous. After all, the “burst gun” requires manual aimin