stopped on the adjutant’s newly-changed delicate face.


That’s right, a certain Mr. Stark provided engineering design drawings and also built a factory? Assembled an assembly line, but programming such things as an “autonomous terminal artificial intelligence system”? It still depends on the adjutant.
The doctor thought for a while, her little hand clenched and opened? It seemed to be after
calculating : “Then you can sell me some of these bionics? I want to customize the appearance of Jack or a clown to distract us from the world. Batman’s attention? I pay with gold and jewelry.”
“Stop talking about business? 南京桑拿按摩网 How many will I give you when things are done here? You help me, then I will help you.” Su Ming calmly moved on, stomping on a faceless man who had crawled in front of him. “I will also give you a special customized model that loads the housekeeper program. In the future, I can help you with your children, cook a meal or something.”
Bobo slapped his hands, as if he had discovered a new world: “I know , Your bionics must be killing machines, right? Only in this way can those who do housework be called special customized models.”
Su Ming tilted his head for a moment, and said a joke: “That’s true of what you said. Yes, if business is good, each of them will kill tens of billions every day.”
“???” The
orangutan felt that the death knell seemed to be wrong.
At the same time, somewhere on the earth minus 3.
Diana followed Batman 南京夜生活论坛 to this familiar and unfamiliar world. The earth is still like that on the whole, but the city is very strange. The people here seem to live collectively in a bigger super Gotham.
Even if the bat flying machine flies in the middle of the sky in the dark, Diana can see signs of firefighting everywhere in the cyberpunk city below. Humans with robotic arms and various technological implants are on the street. The war started and blood ran everywhere.
What’s even stranger is that Batman doesn’t seem to pay attention at all.
She asked the reason on the a