hen pull a wire to power on the steel beam.


Watching the two fallen villains pass out of a coma, Wally sighed: “How many times I have persuaded myself to give up, but it seems that even if I die, I will continue to fight against the darkness.”
“That’s right, Wally. , You still have a mission to complete.”
Just when he was 江苏桑拿论坛 talking to himself and trying to control his superpower not to run away, another voice sounded in the cell.
Along with the strong light, a giant covered with blue cloth strips but with a face like a golden mask appeared in the cell. He was holding a weird scepter, and purple 南京龙凤网 blood was flowing from his mouth and nose.
“Who are you?!”
Wally was startled, this newcomer was obviously much faster than him.
Chapter 2356 The City of Angels, Devil’s Den. The
newly-appearing tall giant claims to be the god of time Fiji Nett. He paid a great price and risked his life to see Wally.
Because Fiji Nett is not unique, they are all called by this name in the time family. According to the regulations, he cannot appear in a world with different worlds.
And he came from the dark multiverse, violated the rules of the clan, and came to the main world Earth 0.
Although he has not yet encountered Fiji Nett here, the existence of the dual-time god, this behavior that violates the rules of the multiverse, is equivalent to doubling the number of time tributaries of the earth 0 from the violation. This behavior has already caused 南京桑拿按摩网 him a lot of injuries. , He cannot stay here for long.
After a brief explanation, he swept away Wally and half of the cell, entered the selection interface of the dark multiverse, and gave the Flash a task.
Not long ago, many dark-attributed mysterious substances appeared here, and they began to erode the numbered universe in the dark and pluralistic, like large black nets, enclosing each earth, and then assimilated and dyed it black. .
Once the dark multiverse succumbed to this deeper distortion, then the bright multiverse will also be destroyed, the balan