ground without moving. The’people’ were thrown into the sky.


Fortunately for the symbiote, Su Ming also has the habit of reading other people’s memories. When the strangulation got into the other’s head but there was no brain, Su Ming knew it was wrong.
The aliens who arrived on Earth were originally a pair. There is no reason why females have brains, but males don’t?
The skull is full of electronic components. It is a remote-controlled robot with a latex skin
. Su Ming and Strangling have done their best to throw the dummy out of the 南京桑拿会所 speed of light and sent it directly into space.
Many people did not see the death knell movement clearly, only saw a flash of red light, and the enemy who was’caught’ in place disappeared.
In the next second, the distant sky suddenly brightened, and there seemed to be a small star in the night sky.
“Damn alien ghost.” Zheng Xian’s face was gloomy. This was the first time he encountered a bionic, and he was almost blown up by a dirty bomb at close range. He looked at his own person: “What did you do? Why didn’t the enemy check?” The
Monkey King sighed, and he also felt that he was still in shock. Only a few of the colleagues present could resist the radiation. Just now it was like passing by with Death.
“It’s my fault. I’m willing to accept criticism from the organization.” The Monkey King, who looked a bit like a’blind monk’, lowered his head: “You are coming too fast, I haven’t 南京桑拿按摩网 had time yet.”
“I will settle accounts with you again. Now our ambush has been exposed. This time the plan has failed. Alas!” Zheng Xian didn’t blame his subordinates too much. He just clicked on the monkey king’s head with his 南京夜生活spa论坛 finger: “You still You have the face to think that we are here soon? If the death knell detects the problem, you all have to hang it this time! If that happens, how can I explain to your family?! Don’t thank others yet?”
“Thank you Mr. Funeral!” I
don’t know Zheng. How did Xian train him? The guy who was originally surly is now too docile, bowing