me and Qige, so my face became a little serious.


Seeing my expression became a little nervous, 南京夜生活论坛 Brandon thought I was afraid of the troubles of the local nobles in Tanton, so he said: “Don’t worry, in Tanton, these nobles don’t dare to mess around. No one can afford to provoke sanctions from the Magic Guild. At least under the rule of the Duke of Samoyed, the security in the inner city has always been very good.”
Hearing that Brandon might have misunderstood a little, I couldn’t clarify it, so I just smiled slightly. , To show gratitude.
To Brandon straightforwardly speaking of the magic spar in my hand, I said: “If this is the case, I am very willing to use the Dark Crystal to trade some magic materials with the nobles of Tanton City. However, since these Dark Crystals can be exchanged for some merits from the Duke of Samoyed, its value cannot be as ordinary. Like magic spar, as for the value, we can sit down and talk about it slowly, and the magic materials we need are not limited to the types we currently acquire. Of course, if there are better ones, we are also willing to ask for them.”
Felix on the side heard what I said. He just drank a sip of tea and almost vomited it out. After coughing twice, he said 南京桑拿会所 to Catalina: “Ahem, Catalina, have you never talked to Ji? What about the magician Jia about those dark crystals?”
Katerina smiled sweetly at me, then blinked and told Felix truthfully: “He knows, Felix.”
Hearing Katerina’s words, Felix relaxed a little and asked me: “Then why exchange these magic crystals? ”
Then I was afraid that I did not understand the situation in Tanton City, so I analyzed it for me: “Just be patient for a few days and wait until the Duke’s Mansion Logistics Department announces that you can exchange meritorious merits, and then directly take these Dark Demon Crystals to the Logistics Department to exchange meritorious services The magic crystals still belong to you, but at that time, every magic crystal will be branded, proving that it is a black magic cryst