ned, but the symptoms have been relieved recently after the leaves of the World Tree. A lot.


“After the white cat appeared, I was completely healed.” Qiao Xiu hugged the white cat sitting on his head in his arms and said, “Sucking a cat should be able to cure the disease.”
“I must go and see a pharmacist. ”
Xili rarely asked Qiao Xiu in a serious tone.
“The human pharmacist is probably useless. The Chaos Demon has this symptom. It may be a genetic disease or something.” Before Qiao Xiu finished speaking, the white cat’s paw suddenly pressed against his nose, and 南京龙凤论坛 a magic net appeared in the next second. The interface appeared in front of Qiao Xiu, and a line of words appeared on it.
Go to
the floating city of the high elves of Arthur Crow, this news is obviously sent by the white cat.
The 585th chapter encounters a
war The plains on the border of the Frost Land. S
Agata pulled the linen scarf on his neck, exhaling a cold breath.
The demons, the kingdom of frost and the kingdom of sacred religions have been fighting on this plain for many years. Years of war have caused chaos everywhere in the plain. You can dig out by digging under the snow. A corpse.
Therefore, it has become a paradise for most corpse thieves, of course, provided that these guys can capture the beasts that inhabit the plains and the orcs that come and go from time to time.
All these factors made the Frost Plains very 南京水磨会所 dangerous for Agata, a solo traveler. Maybe she had good luck recently, and she didn’t meet any beasts and thieves along the way.
“Is it almost?”
Agata came to a decaying tree. She stretched out her hand to remove the snow piled up next to the tree, and an ice-bound dead bone was exposed.
This withered bone was stabbed to death under the tree while maintaining a raised hand posture. It may be the reason for the conspicuous action. It was used as a signpost for the army and was nicknamed the smiling Johnner by the soldiers of the Frost Land. .
“If you have a camera, I really want to take a g