rubbed his eyebrows, and Dolinko knew him, and he was one of the well-known alchemists in Nolan’s older generation.


“This is the most fringe place
in Nolan. ” Noggs also came to the street on Nolan’s ground. The first impression of Noggs standing on the street was the prosperous two-character pavement.
On this street, Noggs can see almost all creatures with civilization, whether it is humans or orcs, or dwarves and goblins.
“No Squirrel Street used to be like this.” The man in blue covered his forehead and looked at the surrounding buildings. The posters and recruitment on the buildings made him feel that his two eyes were not enough.
He has already met that Nolan will change for so many years, but this change is also a bit earth-shaking, it is like changing a city and changing a world.
“Where is the station”
How about Norge also used Magic Net The person in the world,南京桑拿论坛 he has seen these posters and propaganda posters on Nolan Street on the caster forum for a long time, so he behaves more calmly than the person in blue.
“Please go this way.” What
makes the blue-clothed person thankful is that although the scenery on the street has become unknown to him, the buildings around the street are the same as before, and the blue-clothed person can vaguely recognize part of it.
The blue-clothed man took Noggs all the way to the most deserted station in Nolan, but he did not know when there was a square in front of the station.
There are also a large number of people gathered here, and the sluggish shops in the memory of the blue-clothed people have reopened, and the entire square is as prosperous as Nolan’s city center.
What concerns the blue-clothed person the most is the statue of a hound standing in the center of the square. There are a lot of bouquets under the statue. The pedestrians will hold the bouquets and put them under the statue from time to time, and there are people holding strange magical 南京品茶网machinery facing them. The hound statue gave out bursts of light.
are they