take a deep breath, his body glowing with black light.


At this time, “???” appeared on the heads of the three enemies, indicating that they had noticed something wrong.
Choose to use “Blinding Fireball” on silver-clothed enemies!
A dazzling fireball was thrown by Lowe, and it directly blasted the face of the enemy who went out without armor. Then all three enemies looked at Lowe, and the “??” on their head changed to “!”.
Seeing that they were about to rush over, Ren Suo chose to use the “Blinding Rising Dragon Fist” on the nearest enemy.
So Luos rushed forward first, his fist flashed with 南京品茶网 wind and fire and dazzling brilliance, and hit the enemy’s jaw from bottom to top!
The flashing red light and the harsh sirens sounded at the same time, and the “!” on the heads of the other two enemies also became “kill”, and they drew their weapons and killed him.
Ren Suo, who had no cards at this time, saw that three cards were drawn out of the library again. They were “Magic Dodge + Pick up the Spear and Sword on the Ground”, “Death Breath + Move Dodge”, and “Swimming”. Blind Explosion Fist!”
After a brief discussion, Ren Suo has figured out the combat system of this game, because it is not complicated at all!
At each moment of Loth, only one card can be used, and he has to decide which card to use within 5 seconds.
And every time he acts according to a card, he will fall into a different situation. For example, because 南京龙凤网 he has attacked an enemy in close quarters, he will be attacked by two other enemies together.
But each of his card actions is derived from the combination of the cassettes, props and abilities he equipped, as well as the current situation!
The difficulty of the first battle is not that great, and these three enemies are not considered as novices to persuade them to return.
After Ren Suo finished the first battle with ease, Lydia and other oathsmen who had been watching the show rushed over immediately.
She gestures to his men quickly Grilled clothes, then rushing hug