n the league championship.


So whose decision was wrong in the first place?
He Ying thought of what Zhou Yi said to him in the group. They are 19-year-old and 20-year-old young 南京水磨会所 players. It is more important than anything else to be able to play consistently and steadily. Giants can only satisfy vanity at best, but vanity is not. All of football.
If he wants to catch up with Zhou Yi’s footsteps, he can’t stay here anymore, living a life of confusion when he doesn’t know when he will be promoted to the first team.
Maybe I should seriously consider leaving La Masia.
Thinking of this, He Ying said in the group: “Come on, everyone, we can’t be pulled too far by Zhou Yi!”
Chapter 209 The young champion
because of Leverku After Sen’s defeat, Dortmund won two rounds ahead of schedule at home.
After the game, the Westfalun Stadium was plunged into a sea of ??carnival.
When the beer was sent to the sidelines, Zhou Yi, Lewandowski, Mark, Gotze and Sven Bender joined forces to pour their head coach Klopp 南京419论坛 to the heart.
“Oh! Damn it!” Then Klopp carried his beer and looked for revenge everywhere.
It’s just that the agile players have long since scattered and fled.
Many fans in the stadium eagerly left the stadium at the end of the game, rushed to the streets, and joined the fans’ celebration parade. They headed towards Boris Square in the city centre, where Dortmund fans from all over were gathered.
Almost every car had Dortmund’s flag on, and they honked their horns and lined up in a long line on the highway.
Turn on the car’s radio, every local radio station has the same music, and the singing comes from the Queen’s “We Are The Champions”!
Of course, not all fans will leave the stadium to celebrate, some fans choose to stay in the stadium to celebrate.
In the South Stand, there are still full seats.
After the madness, the players lined up and bowed to the stands to express their gratitude.
The fans in the South Stand also responded tirelessly. They sang “The German champio