as really good at and why he could be the main player in the Dortmund first team when he was eighteen years old.


Based on his knowledge of the game, few people can match him.
Finally, he talked about Yan Min: “As for Yan Min.”
When they heard this, everyone put their ears up and wanted to hear why Zhou Yi chose Yan Min.
“Well, to be honest, your performance on the court, from a tactical point of view,” Zhou Yi paused, then frowned, “I’m honest, not very good, or it can be said to be very bad. Because You are always playing with the ball by yourself, but completely ignore your teammates. Football is a team sport. If you are playing a game of individual heroism throughout the game, then I can only say that you chose the wrong one. The
previous three team members, Zhou Yi’s comments were actually very polite, and they were all positive comments such as “Performance is not bad” and “Very hard”. But for Yan Min, the conversation turned sharply and turned into a stark and direct criticism, without even a little cover-up, his tone 南京龙凤网 was harsh, and his words were harsh. Every sentence sounded like a sharp knife to onlookers. In the same way, Yan Min’s body was cut apart.
The staff present did not expect Zhou Yi to accuse a small player so mercilessly. This accident made them feel embarrassed. If they weren’t still working, they would all want to escape from this room, let alone being in. Yan Min at the center of the storm.
And hearing Zhou Yi said so, the young players in the successor team felt a little pleasure in their hearts-making you so unique! That! People Zhouyi are all in their eyes!
“From a technical point of view,” Zhou Yi’s comments continued. “To be honest, it’s not very good.”
There was a low burst of laughter in the locker room.
The tactical performance is poor, the technical performance is not good, so what are the advantages?
It’s easy this 南京水磨会所 week, and the damage is so direct, but it makes everyone feel dark. For people like Yan Min who completely ignores his teammates,