This happened to Manchester City’s players. Who would feel comfortable listening to it?
Manchester City is not Manchester United. If this happened to Manchester United, then there is a man in Manchester United who knows Zhou Yi’s Shinji Kagawa came out to explain to everyone that Zhou Yi is a joker, and he has no malice, just want to use it. Say hello to everyone in an unusual way.
Maybe in the laughter of everyone, this matter will pass.
However, there is no former teammate of Zhou Yi in the Manchester City team, and no one has contact with him. Their understanding of Zhou Yi comes from the media. What the media say, they believe it.
Therefore, in their eyes, Zhou Yi was an arrogant person who did not respect his opponent’s hateful image.
Although Zhou Yi said in an interview that he really wanted to say hello to Manchester City in this way. But 南京龙凤论坛 because the image label has been formed, his explanation is not convincing. The more he explains, the more Manchester City players feel that Zhou Yi is provoking
misunderstandings, which is often the reason.
On the day of the match, from the start of the warm-up, Manchester City players will look at Zhou Yi with unfriendly eyes. When the roster of the visiting team was introduced on the live broadcast and the name of Zhou Yi was reported, the Manchester City fans in the stands immediately booed a huge boo.
Ge Ze, who was standing in the player channel with Zhou Yi waiting to play, came up and said in his ear: “It seems that they really think you are provoking.”
Zhou Yi opened his hands: “What about the most basic trust between people? ”
Others always thought that Zhou Yi had a different plan, but Zhou Yi himself was wronged. He 南京桑拿会所 really wanted to say hello. He just said “Hello” when shaking hands after meeting. It was really boring in Zhou Yi’s eyes. Now, he wants something fresh.
This approach is too normal for a young Zhou Yi who loves to joke and always has a lot of ideas in his mind. When he was not playing football, when he wa