wing was reimbursed for the season, in the first period of the All-Star vote, the gorilla successfully offended the fans.


Perhaps because of fear that Duncan would take his starting position, the gorilla actually said in an interview:
“I hope the fans can vote for me because my performance and strength are worthy of the Eastern Conference All-Star starting center. This position. The
All-Star Game is the lifelong dream of every player, and I can’t wait to participate in the All-Star Game.”
There is one thing to say, on the cusp of the storm before the labor lockout, Ewing, the chairman of the players’ union, said. It is easy to be used by those 南京夜生活论坛 who are interested.
Well, under the intention of the management, Ewing’s remarks quickly made him disgusted by many fans.
Because in the eyes of the fans, they are clearly on the side of the players.
Therefore, if Stern releases Su Feng’s nearly 2 million votes in a fair, open, and impartial manner, in Stern’s view, who is to praise Su Feng?
Jie clearly just threw him into the fire.
And it’s the kind that sprinkled a handful of cumin by the way.
But having said that, this year’s All-Star lineup is not much the same as Su Feng’s previous life.
Because if Su Feng remembers correctly, Pippen would have missed this All-Star Game.
But in this life, after Pi Erye did not die, the third small forward in the East was selected as the substitute for the Eastern Stars this year.
Compared with last year, this year’s Eastern and Western 南京水磨会所 star teams starters are:
Eastern: Duncan, Hill, Su Feng, Jordan, Iverson.
West: O’Neal, Malone, Garnett, Kobe, Payton.
Kobe’s ballot accounted for the guard’s spot, and the Lakers signed him up 南京桑拿会所 for the shooting guard position at the beginning of the season.
So, know why Duncan will sign up to play PF later?
In fact, you know that you have watched the Spurs games. Most of the time, this product is the Spurs’ real C.
It’s just that Su Feng is very curious about
Kobe, who has already run off the trac