m to Australia.


For example, players like Zhou Yi, Sun Pan, He Ying, Guo Nu and Yang Muge did not appear on the list to Australia.
The domestic media has no objection to this arrangement-after all, the 南京龙凤网 task of the top ten matches has been over-fulfilled, and there is no need to let the main players go up for the last irrelevant match. If someone gets injured in the game, isn’t it too worthwhile?
Especially for those returnees who have played for a season in the European League and basically haven’t had a good rest.
Sun Pan came 南京桑拿论坛 to the national team to report two days before the match against Oman. Zhou Yi’s exhaustion in the final moments of the Champions League final is also impressive. Cesena where Guo Nu is playing is in Serie B, but forty-two games in one season.
You know, they basically haven’t had a good rest since last summer-last summer, Zhou Yi and Sun Pan also participated in the men’s Olympic football competition in the London Olympics.
Such a year of high-intensity competition must have made the players very exhausted both physically and psychologically.
It is really unnecessary to let them play in an irrelevant game.
Gao Hongbo did not let the returnees go to the game this time, and the feedback he received was completely different from the previous time he did so. Last time it caused the Chinese team to lose to Qatar, and even if the 南京龙凤论坛 Chinese team will lose to Australia on the road this time, fans and the media will probably not say much.
Moreover, Gao Hongbo can do more training for the Chinese team. After all, the Chinese team can’t just count on the five returnees. If the others are all pig teammates, Zhou Yi will not be able to lead them. It is very commendable to be able to give other domestic young players such opportunities to exercise in competitions. You must know that this is the top ten tournament, a top Asian tournament with a gold content that is no less than that of the Asian Cup. Using such a game to train soldiers is much better than finding any team to