rdan’s offensive and defensive integration. Naturally, it will not be a big cold for Curry, who is strong and weak.


“Maybe he is better than we thought?”
Sun Hao didn’t play haha ??like just now this time, but looked at Kobe seriously and replied.
Kobe shook his head without even thinking about it.
“While he scored 2 points, opponents would also get 2 points on his head. That way would not work in the playoffs.”
Kobe said nothing wrong.
“But what if he got 3 points?”
But what Sun 南京水磨会所 Hao said next made Kobe stunned.
This looks like a word game, but it’s not exactly a word game.
Because two points are good for responding, but three points, this may really depend on personal projection talent.
After having dinner with Kobe, the two did not go back to each house to find each mother, but went directly to Las Vegas together.
Curry’s summer league debut over there should be about to begin.
In the end, the two of them couldn’t persuade each other, so of course the best way is to go to the scene to watch Curry play!
How to define “Greater than Jordan” in Chapter 604
Sun Hao and Kobe arrived in Las Vegas, and found that it was offseason day.
After the season, they were busy with their own affairs, and they didn’t call to ask before going, but it turned out to be good, which just ran out.
But since they are all 南京龙凤论坛 here, they have no reason to go back empty-handed.
After calling to confirm that the Warriors will have a game tomorrow, the two will stay in Las Vegas for one night.
Sun Hao originally wanted to take 南京龙凤网 Kobe to play in the casino.
In all, he has traveled through so many years, this person is worth hundreds of millions, and he has not entered a Las Vegas casino once.
Compared to Jordan, he sounded a bit of a trip in vain.
But Kobe refused.
“I have to go to the training hall, there is more suitable for me.”
Sun Hao was stunned when he heard this, but he quickly reacted.
He forgot that he came out with Kobe.
When Iverson and Kobe went to Los Angeles before,