nd feeling bursting with 6 three-pointers, they would have lost.


This time, they also experienced a similar situation, but this time Goddess of Luck did not take care of them again.
They lost 73 to 85.
This is also the volatility of the running team.
And their opponents, the Heat, are also known for their defense, and their average 南京炮网 points per game are only 86.6, which is lower than the 76ers.
Sun Hao’s performance also fell back, scoring only 11 points and two turnovers.
There is only one reason for this result, and the person who defended him was Bruce Bowen.
Bowen was the undrafted in 1993. At the age of 29, he was not reused by Riley until this season.
But in fact, after so many years, his defensive skills have been achieved.
When Sun Hao faced Artest before, he had a great advantage in speed.
But obviously, Bowen, who is faster, has a better defensive effect on him.
The spirit of Mamba has been refined into steel.
Failure to play a game did not discourage Sun Hao, but instead encouraged him to become stronger.
After the end of the game with the Heat, the Mavericks flew non-stop to the final battle of their road trip, Charlotte.
In the history of the Hornets, fans have always confused him with the 南京419论坛 Bobcats because of the continuous relocation and name change of the team.
In fact, the Bobcats had not yet entered the league at this time, and the Hornets were Charlotte’s first team.
And this team that entered the 南京夜生活论坛 league in 1988 is not weak for most of the time. It belongs to the kind of team that plays well and is the top four in the East and almost ninth in the East.
This season the team has Jamal Marshburn who “if it weren’t for injury and has a chance to become a historic scorer”, “Doug Reeves will be invited out by Doug Reeves in the future” Pj Brown, “top defensive gate” “Eldon Campbell, Byron Davis, a second-year student, Derek Coleman, and David Wesley, who were “the No. 1 pick in 1990”, and David Wesley
gathered together. Vulgar, the team’s season performance