e posture of this queen, she made up her mind to dig Fuya into the country of steel.


The new Holy Spirit Nolan Open will be held a month later, when Nolan’s portal will also open. I will hold a grand stage for this competition. Queen Ekana looks forward to your country’s performance.
Qiao Xiu directly used this 南京水磨会所 sentence to prevaricate to the queen, and the other party seemed to see that Qiao Xiu didn’t want to talk about it.
I was able to talk to you about this in private that day.
After Queen Yekhana left this sentence, the original owner of the iron caster returned to his position.
Fuya’s voice sounded a bit angry.
“Don’t worry, if you sell you, Sister Sexili will cut me off.” Qiao Xiu calmed Fuya’s dissatisfaction.
“Why Queen Yekhana cares about the game of the Holy Spirit and what the Nolan Open is?”
Frost Owl intervened in this conversation when she found a suitable time. The news of the first game did not reach her ears. in.
“It’s a contest of the Holy Spirit, and all countries will participate.” Qiao Xiu said, “The reward of the game is the crystallization of a tree of the world.”
When Qiao Xiu said this reward, the 南京夜生活论坛 Frost Owl quilt appeared above the battlefield of the Holy Spirit. Tips for the beheading of Tacomo the Ironforge.
His Majesty the King of the Frost Land couldn’t even hold the Protosperm mouse when he heard the reward.
Chapter 667 You never know what your teammates are doing.
“The Holy Spirit Tournament has actually been held for one time, and the winner is still in the Frost Country. Don’t you really know?” Qiao Xiu asked in a
state of confusion The king of the Frost Land even forgot to say anything, and directly slapped a series of question marks on the screen to express his inner doubts and incomprehension.
“I remember that the last name of the winner is Karshilov, and he owns a business guild in Nolan. Are you familiar with this family?”
The crystallization of the World Tree is such an important thing, that businessman who is 南京炮网 as