Yu Kuangtu and Li Dan looked at each other and stopped the topic tacitly.
We can’t provoke or provoke the dispute between you four powers.
Thinking of this, Yu Kuangtu smiled and said, “During 南京水磨会所 your time away, Qiao Muyi and Bai Ji have been promoted to rank four. In the blink of an eye, we also have three rank four monks in Lianjiang City, which are among the best in the country. Existence.”
“It’s just a little bit of Yin and Yang, and you are all teachers in the academy. There is still no new Rank 4 monk in the countermeasure system. It seems that I have accelerated the efficiency of cultivation.”
Dong Chengling was slightly startled and asked. “Have Suo been here?”
Yu Kuangtu: “Ren Suo? No, didn’t you just come back? And he usually doesn’t come back to me for anything.”
“No wonder” Dong Chengling nodded suddenly, and suddenly nodded. Stand up and walk to the open space of the office, and gently stretch out his hand.
The aura fluctuated violently in an instant, and two figures popped out of the air.
“Cheng Ling, 南京419论坛 thanks.” Ren Suo, who landed safely, let out a sigh of relief. First, he confirmed that his sister who was holding his hand was also with him. He didn’t just teleport back to Lianjiang with only one hand.
Then he observed the environment, and saw Yu Kuangtu and Li Dan, his eyes lit up: “This is the countermeasures bureau? That’s just 南京夜生活论坛 right. I originally planned to visit the countermeasures bureau, but now I don’t have to go again. . ” ”
you come to me thank you? do not have the. “Kuang map to reach the shelf, see any rope left holding an empty beer bottle, shaking his head.
The gap between this person is also widening.
Dong Chengling will remember to prepare a small gift when he comes to visit, but what about Ren Suo? The beer bottle in his hand is still empty!
Do you come to the Countermeasures Bureau to borrow the toilet with a stomach of feces and urine?
Yu Kuangtu raised the corner of his mouth and held up his tea cup, showing a contemptuous expression