e same time, this is the first time after Jordan retired.


In the West, the game between the Nuggets and the Clippers is the focus of the day.
The game, as many people expected, fell into a fierce battle at the beginning.
Although the Clippers do not have the absolute talent of James, there are too many people who can play.
The biggest feeling for fans watching the game is like watching James become Zhan Fengxian, holding Fang Tian’s painting halberd there to win more than one enemy.
The good news is that because James has more shots than in the same period in history, he has not been targeted so badly, and the Nuggets have maintained a weak lead from the beginning.
The bad news is that at the end of the fight, the rest of the Nuggets could not provide enough help for James. The Clippers eventually “pushed the master to death” and finally reversed.
The post-game statistics perfectly interpreted the game: the Clippers scored in double figures with 6 people, while the Nuggets included 南京品茶网 James, who scored 38 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, and only 3 people scored in double figures.
“LeBron needs help.”
This is the biggest feeling the fans have after 南京桑拿论坛 watching this game.
The fact is true, Camby and Martin are not offensive players, Terry’s performance is unstable, JR is also very immature.
The Nuggets seem to have a lot of people who can play, but few can really help at this time.
The last game is the Suns vs. Kings.
Before the game, everyone knew about the strength and status gap between the two teams, but the result of the game was still unexpected.
The Suns were 122 to 88, and the Kings were battered by nearly 40 points.
Seven of the Suns scored in double figures, demonstrating the ability of the offensive team to the fullest.
Many people discovered at this time that after two seasons of running-in, the strength of this “stunning” Suns team had reached a level of “horror”.
There are so many powerful teams in the east and west at the same time, and the excitement of this