to Toronto with you?” On


this day, except for talking with Davis In addition to the tactics of the Raptors next season, in order to get rid of Big Ben’s “seven-day lock of love than Jin Jian” as soon as possible, Su Feng also specifically mentioned the Big Ben to Davis.
For a loyal knight 南京419论坛 like Daben, what can Davis do besides applauding?
Of course, according to the current prospects of labor-management negotiations, Davis and Su Feng have the same ideas. Even if the Raptors want to sign a big deal, they have to wait for the conclusion of the labor-management negotiations.
However, Davis has made a guarantee to Su Feng that if Big Ben is willing to join the Raptors, then the Raptors will at least give Big Ben a contract of two or three skins a year.
In this regard, it was almost the same as Su Feng expected.
After all, after the labor negotiations are over, the ten-million-level contract is now the maximum salary.
The salary cap in the 1990s is no better than the future. Su Feng’s previous life originally had to wait until 2000 before he could get a six-year contract with a total price of 34 million yuan in the Auto 南京桑拿论坛 City.
Therefore, if Big Ben can get the big contract in advance, then in Su Feng’s view, he has not failed him.
“Ben, can you let me go now? I’m going to take a bath.”
After hanging up with Davis, Su Feng looked desperately at his big Ben and said.
Isn’t it the
ordinary traversing male protagonist, isn’t it all from Zuo Youchu and You Xiaoyu?
I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I have been watching Big Ben and Kobe for a long time. Now Su Feng even looks at a handle, and he feels beautiful.
“Hey, the Raptors are really willing to give me so much money?”
After listening to Su Feng’s words, a wretched smile appeared on Big Ben’s hideous face.
At this moment, coupled with the scene of him licking the corner of his mouth, not to mention how terrifying.
Su Feng: “”
Kamak” was appointed to be his own Pippen together, which secretly influenced Davis PY t