like a decoration, and it didn’t play any role in front of the glorious shot.


The football flew over his leg.
Go straight to the corner of the goal!
“Rong volleys!!” John Mortensen shouted.
In his shouting, all the Manchester City fans in front of the TV saw the football 南京桑拿论坛 flying straight to the corner of the goal.
Casillas also flew into the near corner, his arms stretched straight, trying to block the ball,
but his flying speed is still too slow in front of the flying speed of football!
The football flew into the goal wiping the near post!
The goal is scored!
Casillas watched the football fly past his fingertips. He didn’t have the slightest touch of the football. He didn’t need to watch the next scene to know what happened.
His goal was lost for the second time in five minutes!
The entire Bernabéu stadium suddenly fell silent when the football flew into the goal.
No cheers, no boos, nothing.
The whole stadium seemed to be dead, silent.
Everyone was frightened by this goal.
Real Madrid fans did not expect, nor did the few Manchester City fans on the scene.
Rongguang was able to score 南京龙凤网 the goal with almost no angle!
This ball came too suddenly!
After the goal, the glory ran to Sneijder, who assisted him, and Sneijder greeted him, and the two hugged each other.
The other Manchester City players cheered and rushed to glory.
In the case of one less person, Manchester City can still lead Real Madrid by one goal, all because of their glory!
“Amazing!” John Mortensen said excitedly. “Such a goal reminds me of Van Basten’s goal against the former Soviet Union in the 1988 European Cup. It’s just that Basten used his right foot and Rong used his left foot. Now one less person. Instead, Manchester City took the lead. This game is really ups and downs, people can’t guess it!”
“Impossible is possible, this is glory!” Alan Hansen also said excitedly.
More than twenty minutes ago, the Manchester City fans were still in deep 南京419论坛 despair and felt that the game was really bad.