tch Premier League also kicked off. This season, because he entered the UEFA Cup and is more financially rich, Adriense has introduced several players with good strength but not very famous: Misha Salden (Misha Salden), 28 years old He serves as a defensive midfielder on the right and has excellent skills.


Raoul Henar, a 23-year-old black forward, is a fellow with Seedorf. He has a strong shooting ability and is very impactful. Wearing the No. 9 shirt, he will become Zhang Jun’s partner on the front line.
In addition, Rice’s youth team once again had a bumper harvest, sending a number of 南京炮网 potential players to the first team. Among them, the 18-year-old Wing has already impressed Adrian with his performance in the warm-up match. He replaced Yang Pan’s vacancy on the right, and the number he chose was naturally the No. 25 that Yang Pan passed through last season. With his speed and technique, he is highly regarded by some experts. The only worry is whether his immature shoulders can withstand the pressure that people often compare him with Yang Pan after putting on the jersey left by Yang Pan.
Dion Esajas (Dion Esajas), 21 years old, he just got promoted from the youth team, the left side of the post, amazing speed, excellent dribbling skills. He showed a calm disproportionate to his age when playing, but his shooting skills needed to be strengthened. He will be Hevel’s substitute.
Reginald Faria, the 20-year-old will be the 南京419论坛 team’s backup 南京桑拿论坛 midfielder.
Of course, the team is not only in and out, first of all, the owner Horns would not agree. The 28-year-old Batley was signed by Utrecht for 750,000 euros. Bayes was signed by Heerenveen for 550,000 Euros. When Zhang Jun returned to the team, he didn’t find Bayes, and only then learned from Kozel that Bayes had a conflict with Horns. And it was sold off by the club. This made him very distressed. Last season, Yang Pan was the team’s assist leader, and Bayes was the second assister. Many of his goals came from Bayes’ passing. Two months ago, they cel