Sun Hao, scored 3 three-pointers in a row!
This is interesting!
Kobe scored 3 backwards, and Sun Hao responded with 2 three-pointers!
12 to 16!
The Mavericks continue to lead.
Kobe continues to fall low.
But the Mavericks’ defensive formation has also changed.
Changed from 23 to man-to-man.
When Kobe singles Finley, Sun Hao on the weak side 南京品茶网 directly chose to let Fox double-team.
Kobe 南京419论坛 chose to continue to the bottom line in the double-team jumper!
What is double-teaming!
The key is to score the ball!
Kobe, cast 4 backwards in a row!
“I seem to see Michael Jordan.”
Steve Kerr, who was commenting on the scene, used such an adjective.
Jordan has many successors, but only Kobe can replicate Jordan’s play.
14 to 16.
The score between the two teams continued to stalemate.
When the Mavericks attacked the frontcourt again, Phil Jackson began to whistle again.
The Lakers’ defensive formation changed again, from 23 zone defenses back to man-to-man.
However, it’s not entirely man-to-man. Players on the outside are all on defense from the three-point line.
This formation should be familiar to fans who have seen the Spurs beat the Mavericks last season.
At that time Popovich used this trick to pinch 南京水磨会所 Sun Hao, who feels hot.
Because of Sun Hao, he can’t middle distance.
But Sun Hao was really happy to see this lineup.
Phil Jackson must have not watched his game recently!
Sun Hao and Nowitzki’s high pick-and-roll, after disassembling, speeded up and broke through to the mid-range position to make an emergency stop shot.
Slower, higher, and more rhythmic.
Jordan’s teaching, Sun Hao’s shot.
It is the middle distance between Kobe and Kobe.
But the result was the same.
Sun Hao also scored 4 goals in a row!
At this time, Phil Jackson felt a little headache.
He did not put his focus on Sun Hao before the game, because Nowitzki’s previous performance was too dazzling, and because Sun Hao has not scored high points this season.