and the left side was relatively empty. Gross Kreuz decisively moved forward, and Zhou Yi also decisively passed the football, causing Gross Kreuz’s breakthrough.


After taking the ball, Grosskreuz can break by himself or pass in. No matter what he does, he can threaten Schalke 04’s goal.
After coming in this way several times, Schalke 04 found that the substitution of Dortmund’s offensive not only has not weakened, but has become stronger.
They had to re-examine this wing. After Gotze was off the field, not only was this side not abandoned, but it was more active!
The narrators saw it more clearly from a condescending position. Marcel Leif said: “I didn’t expect Grosskreuz to become active instead. He frequently sent high-quality passes on the wing. Zhou Yi and Grosk Reutz’s coordination on the left makes Schalke 04 very uncomfortable!” 南京桑拿论坛
It was another attack from the left. After receiving the pass from Zhouyi, Grosskreuz made a decision to use the football directly. The angle of the cross was given to Lewandowski in front of the goal. The defenders of Schalke 04 who cheated collectively wanted to retreat, but he slammed it and changed it to a breakthrough!
This shocked the guards of Schalke 04 and rushed to him again, facing the two Schalke 04 defenders who pounced, Grosskreuz looked up and saw that he was pulling back to the free throw arc. Of Mark, his not tall figure hides in the crowd and does not look very conspicuous.
So Grosskreuz stopped hesitating and sent the football directly to Mark horizontally.
“Mark Wagner!!” Marcel Leif yelled when Mark got the ball, because there was a big open space beside Mark.
The Schalke 04 defenders in front of him were all 南京夜生活论坛 taken to the goal by Lewandowski, while the Schalke 04 midfielder behind him was attracted by Zhou Yi. “The place.
This is a great opportunity, Mark 南京桑拿会所 adjusted a bit and started a long shot directly!
The shot football passed through the crowd in the penalty area and flew to the near corner of the goal.
Schalke 04’s g